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Labour boo boys wrong to target Blair

I find myself surprised that I am about to write about Ed Miliband’s speech to the Labour Party conference yesterday. While the media hype the significance of each of the three party leaders speeches to their members it has never really caught my imagination. My instinct is that the speech is often more about presentation … Continue reading

Ed Miliband – Not yet an alternative to Nick Clegg and David Cameron

As Labour delegates make their way to Liverpool for their annual conference there must be concern in the party about the latest poll that suggests that voters are unconvinced by Ed Miliband’s ability to lead a future Labour Government. The poll conducted by YouGov reports that a staggering 41% of voters would be dismayed if Labour … Continue reading

It’ll be all Whyte on the night

Astonishment, shock and disbelief. These were just some of the emotions that I was feeling as I opened my newspaper to read an interview with Rangers chairman Craig Whyte where he would not rule out the possibility that the club may be forced into administration. Whyte’s announcement is in response to the increasing number of … Continue reading

My Desert Island Discs

Over the last few weeks I have been downloading old episodes of Desert Island Discs to listen to on my ipod. Desert Island Discs is a radio programme that has been running for nearly 70 years on BBC Radio 4. The premise of the show is that each week a guest appears on the programme and … Continue reading