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My Top 10 Favourite Christmas Songs – Part Two

Following on from my previous blog post, I am continuing the countdown of my top 10 favourite Christmas songs. In the first part, I counted down the songs that made up positions 10 to 6. In this final part, I count down my top 5 and reveal what my favourite Christmas song is.

5) Chris Rea – Driving Home for Christmas

For anyone making the long trip home to see their family at Christmas this is the ultimate song. What makes this song so perfect is its simplicity. The understated backing track fits beautifully with Rea’s smooth and silky voice. The tune is also unique in being the only song in this countdown that remains on my i-pod all year round. After a long day at work I often find myself listening to this on the way home as it is incredibly relaxing and an excellent way to wind down.

4) Wham – Last Christmas       

If you are looking for that one song that will fill a dancefloor at any Christmas party around the world it has to be this masterpiece from George Michael and Andrew Ridgely. Far from being just a fantastic Christmas song, it is a quality piece of pop music. Released in 1984, it has stood the test of time and has been covered by many notable artists over the years. It is available once again this year as a charity version is being released by the cast of The Only Way is Essex.

3) The Jackson 5 – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Whenever I am trying to put together a list of songs it is very difficult for me not to include a track by my favourite musician of all time, Michael Jackson. In this case, he joins with his brothers to create this festive classic. It is nearly impossible for me not to sing-along with Michael as he sings the extremely upbeat, high pitched chorus. It also brings back some happy memories of family visits to see the Christmas pantomime at the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh as every year before the show starts this song plays over the loudspeakers.

2) Cliff Richard – Mistletoe and Wine

Now I never thought I would confess to liking a Cliff Richard song, but unfortunately in this case I will need to make an exception. This song has the excellent combination of sounding like a traditional Christmas hymn, but with a modern twist. The lyrics are very poignant and never fail to make me feel warm and content whenever I hear it.

1) Shakin’ Stevens – Merry Christmas Everyone

While I had to really consider all the other songs to include in this list and in what order there was never any doubt that this would be my number one. Even looking back to my childhood this was always my favourite Christmas song. From hearing the bells that begin the track it always makes me feel extremely festive. It has a wonderfully catchy chorus that always makes me want to dance and has a fantastic video that catches the mood of Christmas.



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