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Well, after nearly 18 months, I have finally decided to make my triumphant return to the world of blogging.

Many friends have questioned me over the last few months as to why I had not posted a blog in such a long time, and to be honest I didn’t have an answer for them.

I suppose as is inevitable in life, things became incredibly busy and I just fell out of the habit of blogging. Though, on a recent holiday, I decided that I would rekindle my passion for typing random musings and sending them out into cyberspace for interested parties to read.

During the previous incaranation of the blog, I wrote articles on a wide range of topics. In all honesty, there was very little rationale behind the articles that I wrote, instead I chose to write about subjects that interested me. These varied from the sublime to the ridiculous. While this was entertaining at the time, with the blog now rebooted, I have decided to try to give my writing a little more focus and direction.

One of the main passions in my life is politics and community development. While many people may claim that they have no interest in politics, I don’t believe this is true. I am firmly of the opinion that people’s apathy is not directed at politics itself, but rather at politicians and the political system that they inhabit.

I live in a country that over the course of the next year is going to make the biggest decision in its history – on whether we decide to cut our ties with our neighbours and become our own independent nation or instead we remain part of the United Kingdom.

With this in mind, my blog is going to be built around discussions on the key issues of the day both at home and abroad providing a mix of politics, current affairs, history and community development.

I aim to make the blog as entertaining as possible. At the moment, I am unsure what the structure of the blog will be and it will be a learning curve with some articles better than others, but it will no doubt be an interesting journey.

Hopefully you enjoy reading.





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