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End Global Hunger by adding your voice to Concern’s Unheard Voices Campaign

Due to having a very busy few weeks at work this has been my first opportunity to write about my frustration at the lack of progress made by world leaders to tackle the problem of world hunger at the recent G20 summit in Cannes. This year has illustrated more than ever why we need urgent action from our governments on … Continue reading

Documentary asks whether our mobile phones are contributing to war in Africa

Every day we all pick up our mobile phones to make calls, send text messages or to access the internet. However, have you ever thought about how our mobile phones are produced and where the components that make them up come from? This weekend I had the opportunity to explore this subject in more detail … Continue reading

Oxfam are making a real difference in Malawi

The issue of international development is a subject close to my heart. So, it was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to speak to Oxfam Programme Officer, Naile Salima about the fantastic work that the charity is doing in Malawi.   Malawi is a country facing many challenges. Based in the South Eastern region … Continue reading