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A Day of Radical New Ideas for Scotland

I have a confession to make. Until recently, I had found myself in conflict regarding my feelings on the prospect of an independent Scotland. On the one hand, I strongly believe in the power of the individual to make decisions about their own lives with a socially democratic government there to lend support in times … Continue reading

Scottish Independence Poll shows that Unionist Parties must work together

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond will have been smiling this weekend as a new poll revealed that more people in the UK support independence for Scotland than oppose it. The poll conducted by ComRes revealed that 39% of people in Britain believed that Scotland should be independent compared to 33% against it. Although, more startling … Continue reading

Labour boo boys wrong to target Blair

I find myself surprised that I am about to write about Ed Miliband’s speech to the Labour Party conference yesterday. While the media hype the significance of each of the three party leaders speeches to their members it has never really caught my imagination. My instinct is that the speech is often more about presentation … Continue reading

Ed Miliband – Not yet an alternative to Nick Clegg and David Cameron

As Labour delegates make their way to Liverpool for their annual conference there must be concern in the party about the latest poll that suggests that voters are unconvinced by Ed Miliband’s ability to lead a future Labour Government. The poll conducted by YouGov reports that a staggering 41% of voters would be dismayed if Labour … Continue reading